The largest consultancy project undertaken so far by our Trust was the preparation of a Business Plan for the Master’s House in Ledbury which led to an offer of £2.92m funding from Herefordshire Council.

Another major project was to create an Outline Plan for the future uses of the Barrett Browning Institute in Ledbury.

Our former Chief Executive is a member of the Development Trusts Association’s  ‘Pool’ of Consultants.  He has carried out work with other emerging Development Trusts, and market towns.

We have also completed work with the Centre for Economic and Social Regeneration (CESR) at Staffordshire University on consultancy projects with Market Towns around the West Midlands and beyond.

The income from these activities helps to sustain our Trust and enables us to carry out projects for the benefit of people living and working in and around Ledbury.

At present we are not offering consultancy through LADT.