Lisa Marshall’s Story

After returning from a year of working and living in New Zealand, I was looking for a base in town to build my business.

I was thrilled to be able to rent a studio from Ledbury Cottage Hospital Studios.

The Ledbury Cottage Hospital Studios are based in the town centre which enabled me to be visible to potential clients, and also to offer a Tranquil & calm environment.

As a sole trader looking to build a business it was important to me to have space & light to have a pleasant space and to be affordable.

My Studio in the Cottage Hospital met all of these needs admirably. I am thankful to have had the opportunity.

It is so important for new businesses to have the opportunity of such support in order to thrive and prosper, so that we can bring renewed life into the town & enriching our community.

Tim my husband & I have been fortunate to acquire a new premises in the town opposite the cottage Hospital Studios to offer Hair & Beauty Therapies with a holistic Focus using natural products.

We have used a lot of upcycled materials to give our new space its unique look.

When we put our new boiler in, the old copper water heater has been used to make lettering , light fittings & sculptures.

Wooden pallets to make a table, mirrors from a wardrobe to make work stations, funky lights from ebay, abstract paintings of Tim’s work, a leather sofa from a reclamation yard.

To create a space you can spend PRECIOUS TIME.

To take time out to renew yourself.

To give you Fantastic Service every visit.

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